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Pigeon Valley Fire Update 68: Wakefield prepare to evacuate notice lifted

Wakefield prepare to evacuate notice lifted
Civil Defence Group Controller Roger Ball has lifted the conditional re-entry status for Wakefield.

The decision was possible because of the work that had been done in fighting the fire and means people living and working in Wakefield are no longer subject to a notice to evacuate.

“The fire is not out, and we still need people to remain alert for any significant changes in the situation.

However, after assessing the conditions around Wakefield, we’re comfortable that the risk is reduced to the point that it is no longer necessary for people there to be prepared to evacuate.

“I’d like to thank the residents for their patience and understanding while they were evacuated, but please continue to remain vigilant."

Conditional re-entry and notice to evacuate still applies for residents in Pigeon Valley North, and controlled access through the cordon was possible for residents only in Teapot, Eves and Redwood valleys.

Mr Ball also reminded mountain bikers and motorcyclists to stay away from tracks in the forestry area.

“We’ve had reports of some people, perhaps not realising how close they were to the fire zone, trying to use tracks in the area.

“We ask that people stay away from the recreational tracks - it is an active firefighting area with aircraft, heavy machinery and ground crews working.

These areas are off-limits. And, given the extreme fire risk, we cannot allow motorcycles in this area.”

See the latest Pigeon Valley fire map.

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