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Pigeon Valley Fire Update 65: Restricted access for Valleys residents

Restricted access today for Valleys residents

Residents of Teapot, Eves and Redwood Valleys will have restricted access to their properties today from 8am – 4pm.

Any residents needing trades staff, insurance assessors or other advisors to visit their properties during the restricted access period should contact Tasman District Council on 03 543 8400 for authorisation.

Community meeting

There will be a community meeting and information session tonight at 6pm at the Hope Community Church in Ranzau Road.

It will include separate briefings with health and safety information for residents of the Valleys, in anticipation of their conditional return home under conditional re-entry.

Controller Alec Louverdis said planning was continuing for the conditional re-entry tomorrow morning, provided the conditions were safe. That would enable the remaining 84 evacuated households to return home, and to come and go without restriction, provided they are ready to evacuate again at short notice.

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