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Pigeon Valley fire update 62: Decision due on Valleys access

Access to Teapot, Eves and Redwood Valleys

We anticipate being able to provide restricted access for residents of Teapot, Eves and Redwood Valleys from 8am to 12 noon tomorrow, based on current conditions and the overnight forecast. Fire and Emergency personnel, Police and our cordon management team will carry out a full risk assessment first thing in the morning and the decision will be advised directly to residents around 7.30am, on our website and social media.

Redwood Valley water supply

The Tasman District Council is working to maintain consistent water supply to properties serviced by the Redwood Valley water supply system. One of the main water pipelines was damaged while a firebreak was created. It’s been repaired but remains vulnerable and needs ongoing work. At times supply to properties serviced by the pipeline will be intermittent.

From tomorrow, Redwood Valley residents going to their properties will be getting an information sheet from the Council when they pass through the cordon. It will have information about the water supply and details of who to contact if they have any leaks or other problems with water on their property.

Impact assessments – Pigeon, Eves, Teapot and Redwood Valleys

Over the next few days, Fire and Emergency New Zealand will be conducting physical assessments of properties in the Pigeon, Eves, Teapot and Redwood Valleys. They will be determining any adverse effects the Pigeon Valley fire has had on residents' properties. Personnel doing the inspections will sometimes need to access private properties. They will be wearing uniform and driving in clearly marked vehicles.

Community meeting and information session

We’re planning to hold the next community meeting and information session this Wednesday (20 February) from 6-8pm in the Hope Community Church.

State of emergency

The Tasman and Nelson Mayors will decide tomorrow whether to extend the declaration of the state of emergency. If it is not extended, the declaration will automatically end tomorrow afternoon.

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