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Pigeon Valley Fire Update 40: Drones work through night to identify hotspots

Overnight, FENZ resources included one drone team (four drones); 85  fire personnel consisting of 14 vegetation crews and 11 structure crews, nine excavators/bulldozers and two tanker crews.

The crews are managing remaining hotspots -  there remain multiple hotspots close to roads in Pigeon Valley, Redwood Park Road, Red Stag Road and Eves Road. 


Things went very well overnight regarding the return of residents to Wakefield. It should be noted that this access is conditional on the fire situation and people should be ready to evacuate should the call be made.

Civil Defence Centre location

As of 8am today, the Richmond Civil Defence Centre, will be located at the Richmond New Life Church at 85 Wensley Road. The centre will be open from 8am until 7pm daily and will remain open as long as needed. It is the place to go to ask questions and find out about services available to people affected by the fire.

Weather forecast

Winds are expected to staying light and variable until around 10.30am, after which a sea breeze is likely to develop increasing to 25km/h with gusts to 40km/h for the afternoon. A south west wind (25km/h gusting to 40km/h) is expected to develop around 6pm. Temperatures will be in the mid-20s, and relative humidity a minimum of 50 per cent. There were light showers during early hours of the morning.

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