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Pigeon Valley Fire update 2 2230hours

Fire crews continue efforts to tackle Pigeon Valley fire

Fire crews are still battling the large scrub fire which started in Pigeon Valley mid-afternoon today.

The fire is now estimated to be covering 780 hectares with a perimeter of 14km and crews have been working hard to contain the fire.

Evacuations in the immediate area have continued throughout the afternoon. So far we have had 11 families register at the Civil Defence Centre, which has been set up at St John's on Edwards St, Wakefield. However, we are expecting that number to rise.

Strong winds over the afternoon and evening have been fanning the forest, which has led to the fire creating its own extreme fire behaviour. Due to this, crews have not been able to access the forest areas and are instead focusing on controlling the fire when it’s spotted onto grassland.

Six helicopters have been working on the fire throughout the afternoon and evening and we are expecting another six tomorrow. Fire and Emergency have also requested two fixed wing planes for tomorrow as well.

We are expecting the wind to ease overnight with a northerly change and 12 firefighting crews will be on site overnight to manage any spot fires in the grasslands and protect any structures.

There have been no reported injuries.

People who feel in danger should call 111. If you or your family and friends in the affected areas need assistance please contact the Nelson Tasman Civil Defence.

This is the last media update for today. We will provide you with an update tomorrow morning at 8am. Please continue to check the Tasman MarlboroughFire Area Facebook page

Civil Defence centre St John's Anglican Church Wakefield

A Civil Defence centre has been opened in Wakefield for evacuees from the Pigeon Valley fire at St John's Anglican church, Edwards Street, Wakefield.

It is asked that people who have been evacuated, or self-evacuate, register at the centre to ensure their whereabouts is known regardless if they choose to stay there or not.

If you need to evacuate your home, here's what to take

  • Pack only the essentials.
  • Gather up your pets if safe to do so.
  • Gather important documents.
  • Water.
  • Warm/change of clothing.

Emergency services staff will visit you if you need to evacuate.

Road closures

Access will only be allowed for emergency vehicles. 

  • Eves Valley Road now closed from Waimea West Road
  • Pigeon Valley Road from the South Branch turnoff is closed
  • Dovedale Road closed from Brandy Creek.
  • Golden Hills Road closed
  • Redwood Valley Road closed

The fire is being attended by all local units of Fire and Emergency.

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