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Pigeon Valley Fire update 17 8 Feb 2019 – 1700 hrs

Pigeon Valley Fire update 17

Wakefield residents in the area bordered by Barton Lane, Higgins Road and Baigent Valley Road are being asked to evacuate now as well.

The evacuation of residents in Wakefield, north of State Highway 6 between Pigeon Valley Road and Simmonds Road is well underway.

If you are elsewhere in southern Wakefield area, be prepared to evacuate or self-evacuate.

People are asked to please take water, food, medicines, pets and valuables.

The Civil Defence Centre in Wakefield has been moved to Saxton Field Stadium. Evacuated residents are asked to register, either by going to the centre or for those who can’t make it to the centre, or don’t need additional assistance please call 03 543 8400 to register by phone.

There is an animal response team in the Pigeon Valley area to assist with animal evacuations. If you need somewhere to take your animals, go to the Richmond Show Ground.

There will be road closures as the evacuations take place, including on SH6. more information about these closures will be available on our website later.

Current Nelson road closures

  • Cambria Street (from Tasman St)
  • Weka Street (from Tasman St)
  • Atawhai Drive (SH6 – Grove St)
  • SH6 open but has some delays

Evacuation zones

Note we are working on an updated web map. If you are unsure you can evacuate to Saxton Field Stadium.

Evacuation Zones

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