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Pigeon Valley Fire update 13. 8 February 2019. 0130 hours

There has been significant planning behind the recent request for Wakefield residents to be prepared just in case there is a need to evacuate.

If the call to evacuate happens, Wakefield residents will be directed and assisted by NZ Police and NZ Defence Force personnel. Any evacuation call will be accompanied by another text alert for those residents with compatible smartphones.

As mentioned previously, with the fire relatively close residents should take the time to look at any possible risks their property may face if embers from the fire site land on their property.

This includes:

  • Wetting any leaves in gutters or other traps,
  • Close the windows,
  • Bring the outdoor furniture inside (this includes your wheelie bins),
  • Bring the animals inside
  • Think seriously about what important documents, medicines or keepsakes you will need.

If you feel uncomfortable staying in your home, and would like to self-evacuate, then please make sure your property is safe and secure before leaving. You can register that you have self-evacuated at 03 543 8400.

At this stage those that self-evacuate are recommended to stay with family or friends in areas not affected by the fire. A Civil Defence Centre is also open in Wakefield.

There will be a media conference at 0830 followed by ongoing updates throughout the day.

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