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Pigeon Valley Fire update 10 1700 7 Feb 2019

Further evacuations are underway in the west side of Teapot Valley. Approximately 25 properties have been affected.

This is a precautionary measure because of the increased fire intensity we have seen this afternoon. This is a result of increased wind and humidity. 

Police are assisting with evacuation and Red Cross are on the ground to support residents.

The Civil Defence Centre at St John’s Church, Wakefield will now remain open. The Centre can provide welfare information and help with accommodation for those who need it.  They can also accept pets.

All residents who have evacuated or self-evacuated are asked to register. For those who can’t make it to the centre, or don’t need additional assistance please call 03 543 8400 to register by phone.

Work and Income has extra support available for residents affected by the fires. Please call 0800 559 009 for details.

Residents are advised to take animals with them. Some stock can be accommodated at the Richmond Showgrounds.

Horses, sheep and goats can be accommodated in empty stables – use the Campground Gate to the Showgrounds and follow the road to the stable blocks. Please leave your name and contact number on the stable door and provide food for your animals. There is water available on site.

For sheep and cattle – please call the contact centre on 03 543 8400 and we can help make arrangements for you to get access to the racecourse oval to accommodate them.

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