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Cyclone Gita Update 14 - Debris Disposal

The Tasman District Council is providing a means of removing the silt and other flood debris from residential properties affected by Cyclone Gita free of charge.

The booking of the removal will be facilitated by Motueka Community Board member Barry Dowler on behalf of the Council. Property owners who wish to use this service can start the process by ringing the Council on 03 543 8400.

Barry will call, or visit, the landowner shortly after to assess the silt and vegetation debris and arrange a time for removal by contractors.

For the load to be accepted it must only contain silt and vegetation debris from the flood within 8 metres of the dwelling. No household rubbish or other material will be accepted.

You will have make your own arrangements for removal of this debris.

For green and woodwaste only

Also from Saturday 3 March for the month, the Council’s Mariri Resource Recovery Centre will be accepting free of charge clean woodwaste and greenwaste from properties affected by flooding from Cyclone Gita.

Council’s greenwaste contractor, Azwood Ltd, has agreed to process this material without cost. 

There are a few requirements for the material to be accepted:

  • The material will need to be generally clean and free stones and gravel
  • All loads will need to be weighed on site, so that we can account for the quantity delivered
  • Customers need to confirm that the material is a result of Cyclone Gita, give their vehicle number plate, name and address details to the kiosk operator at the Mariri Resource Recovery Centre

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