Be ready for all kinds of hazards

Nelson Tasman Civil Defence and Emergency Management

Civil Defence is about the resilience of our communities. We assist families and businesses to be ready when disaster strikes. We make plans, so we are ready to respond to emergencies, lead the response to emergency events, and coordinate recovery afterwards. Learn more about us.

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Get Ready at Work

  • Step 1: Prepare a workplace emergency plan for your business
  • Step 2: Get your staff ready
  • Step 3 : Get your business through

Get Ready @ Work

Get Ready at School

  • Step 1: Create an emergency management plan for your school
  • Step 2: Prepare students on what to do in an emergency
  • Step 3: Getting through and getting back on track

Get Ready @ School

Get Ready in the Community

  • Get to know your neighbours and community
  • Create a community-driven response plan
  • Become a emergency management volunteer

Get Ready @ Community

Get Ready at Home

  • Create a Household Emergency plan
  • Assemble & maintain emergency items
  • Get Connected

Get Ready @ Home