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Severe Weather Warning: Heavy Rain Forecast

1:20pm, 10 March 2017

A low over the Tasman Sea extends a slow-moving trough over northern New Zealand. Periods of heavy rain continue to affect the north of the North Island and northwest Nelson through to Saturday, with heavy thundery falls. Through into early Saturday, 130mm may accumulate in Northland on top of what has already fallen, especially in the east.

For Northwest Nelson, 70 to 100mm may accumulate from tonight through to late Saturday morning.

Rainfall in these areas, especially where there the ground is sodden from previous heavy rain, is likely to cause rivers and streams to rise rapidly. It can also lead to flash flooding and hazardous driving conditions.

Golden Bay bears brunt of overnight storm

8:48am, 22 January 2017

Strong wind and heavy rain overnight brought rivers in the Takaka Valley to high levels.  Over a 5-hour period, 153mm of rain fell in the Waingaro Valley, with 41. 3mm falling in one hour.…

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Severe weather warning: heavy rain expected Saturday

12:24pm, 20 January 2017

Please be aware of the current MetService Severe Weather Warning for the ranges of northwest Nelson, Golden Bay and the Richmond Ranges. This front moves through on Saturday afternoon. People in these areas should watch out for streams and rivers rising quickly and there may be slips and surface flooding.…

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