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Heavy Rain Forecast - Severe Weather Warning

11:19am, 16 May 2017

A deep low and associated front is forecast to bring heavy rain to northern and western parts of both islands.

Heavy falls are expected in northwest Nelson where 100 to 140mm is likely about the ranges. People in these areas are advised to look out for rapidly rising rivers and streams and also possible slips and surface flooding

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  • Rain becoming heavy for a time Wednesday morning and then again from Wednesday evening to Thursday morning.
  • In the 28 hours from 2am Wednesday to 6am Thursday, expect 100 to 140mm mainly about the ranges.
  • Peak intensities of 20 to 30mm per hour are expected for a time Wednesday morning and again from Wednesday evening.

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Heavy Rain Warning Issued for Nelson Region

1:58pm, 10 May 2017

Metservice have issued a severe weather warning for our region for heavy rain. The heaviest and most prolonged rain is forecast to be about Nelson, where 200mm could accumulate about the ranges through to Thursday afternoon. Rivers may rise rapidly, there may be surface flooding and slips, and driving conditions may be hazardous.…

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Weather Update

9:36am, 14 April 2017

Conditions have eased overnight. Please take care if driving. , so it is not expected further updates will be needed.…

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